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There’s never one big break, that’s such a myth - there’s degrees of getting recognised
— Cassidy Janson

Robert Emery talks to Cassidy Janson, actress and now singer/songwriter best known for playing the lead in Beautiful: The Carole King Musical and joining Beverley Knight and Amber Riley to form the trio; The Leading Ladies. Cassidy talks about the challenges of being a musical theatre actress, the struggle to record her debut album, and what it's like to be a standby Elphaba in London's West End. And of course, she answers a quick-fire round of questions culminating in the big question; Kate Monster or Lucy the Slut?

Since her first break playing opposite Neil Patrick Harris, she has gone on to forge an incredible career in theatre and has had rave reviews for her new album, Cassidy. This is a fascinating conversation with a true professional who has some excellent advice on being productive in an unproductive world.

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  • Working with Peter Polycarpou [01:03]

  • Growing up dancing [02.00]

  • Tick Tick Boom with Neil Patrick Harris [07:50]

  • Wicked [09:08]

  • Avenue Q [17.17]

  • Beautiful: The Carole King Musical [18.00]

  • The Leading Ladies album, Songs from the Stage [22.00]

  • Chess [24:12]

  • Man of La Mancha - working with Kelsey Grammer [24:44]

  • & Juliet [26:20]

  • Writing her debut album; Cassidy [29:19]

  • What Cassidy would still like to achieve [37:20]

  • Tips and tricks to be ultra-productive [38:55]

  • Predictions of the business in 20 years [41:46]

  • Quick fire questions [46:10]

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About RDCE

RDCE (Robert D.C. Emery) is a conductor, pianist and serial entrepreneur.

He is lucky enough to travel the world; ranging from performances in London's Royal Albert Hall, through to the Sydney Opera House, RDCE has seen them all.

Besides music, RDCE is the Founder & Director of The Arts Group; one of the most diverse entertainment companies in the UK. Within the portfolio is a national music tuition agency, symphony orchestra, choir, artist agency, record label and production company.

Aside from that, he lives in London and Cambridge, has a wife (Mrs E), a toddler (Master T) and 4 cats.



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