So, since May 2010 I’ve been living, breathing and working in Switzerland on a fantastic new production called Dallebach Kari das Musical.  Since my time here, I’ve rehearsed in the cast of 60, conducted the 12 hour click-track session, written the songbook to be printed and published in all good bookshops and music stores, played 28 shows, organised the recording of the rhythm section, created new click-tracks for the production in Zurich 2011, lead the recording studio sessions for the wind, brass and strings and Associate Supervised the production from start to finish.

I can honestly say I’ve had the time of my life; working with such a talented cast and wonderful musicians.  It’s been great to really get my teeth into a project I’ve been involved with since the beginning at the workshop in January 2010.  Having only 4 days off since May, I would normally have felt stressed beyond belief, but having worked in such a beautiful environment with the mountains and lakes, it didn’t seem to matter.

So now, its September and I’m back in the UK; with the project an official success (98% of tickets were sold and that’s pretty amazing for an outdoor event).  It’s therefore time to move onto other projects; a great band called ‘The Lovebugs’, who are pretty massive in mainland Europe, have asked me to arrange, co-orchestrate, creative-direct and conduct a series of concerts at the beginning of February 2011.  They are a typical band setup (cross between Take-That and Oasis!), but have had an offer they can’t refusal; to have the Basel Symphony Orchestra accompany them.  We are also doing a national ‘find-a-choir’ competition in Switzerland to find the best chorus to join in; – TV here I come… I have a complete choice of 40 songs and basically, the boys say I can do what I want; it’ll be filmed for DVD and hopefully recorded for an album as well – so fun, fun, fun!

I’m also hoping to be involved in the Zurich production of DK if time allows.  Aside from that, I’m lined up to conduct a few concerts (still to be confirmed) over Christmas at various concert halls across the country and also get some studio time with a new singer who I think will make it big…

So have I got the best job in the world?  You betcha!

September 22nd, 2010

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About RDCE

RDCE (Robert D.C. Emery) is a conductor, pianist and serial entrepreneur.

He is lucky enough to travel the world; ranging from performances in London's Royal Albert Hall, through to the Sydney Opera House, RDCE has seen them all.

Besides music, RDCE is the Founder & Director of The Arts Group; one of the most diverse entertainment companies in the UK. Within the portfolio is a national music tuition agency, symphony orchestra, choir, artist agency, record label and production company.

Aside from that, he lives in London and Cambridge, has a wife (Mrs E), a toddler (Master T) and 4 cats.



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